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Would you like a shark on your side? We are a firm of professionals that can compete against the most sophisticated employee benefit brokers. We help agents, independent brokers and employers customize an employee benefit solution at a lower price point and without the additional fees charged by National brokers.


Health Benefit Partners is a veteran team specializing in delivering modern healthcare solutions to HR executives, employer groups, professional advisers and their clients. Our principals have over 55 years of experience in the employee benefit space and are uniquely equipped to manage any sized account in this post health care reform world. Our award winning executive team features members who have worked on every end of the transaction - from business owner to brokerage wholesalers to insurance company executives and every position in between. This gives us the unique to offer a multitude of solutions to our employer clients, including plan design, technology services, employee advocacy, enrollment platforms, year round service initiatives and compliance assistance.

We offer Employee Benefit Consulting and Compliance Solutions, including;

  • Employee Health Insurance and Total Benefit Plan Review

  • ACA Compliance Review

  • ERISA Audit Protection

  • Long Term Group Plan Strategy

  • Insurance Rate Negotiations

  • Plan Implementation and Enrollment Services

  • Benefit, HR and Compliance Technology Platforms

  • Premier Customer Service - Year Round

  • Employee Claims Advocacy

  • Employee Benefit Education and Communication

  • Ancillary Benefits

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