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Strategic Partners Wanted

Health Benefit Partners is a full service brokerage firm capable of integrating with your clients existing employee benefit platform. Partnering with us gives you the unique ability to offer a multitude of solutions to your employer clients without having to become an employee benefit expert. A partnership with HBP will take your brand and earning power to the next level.

We work with insurance agents, associations and CPA's and their clients.

Increase Your Revenues

Partnering with us gives you instant credibility in a space that you may not be all familiar with. We help you increase your revenue streams without increasing your workload. We will serve as the project point person, or work in your shadows - whichever you choose. If you are not already a licensed life and health agent, we will help you do so, so you can legally participate in revenue sharing.

Broker Tools

As a partner with HBP we will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to compete against any rival broker, no matter what size you are in competition against.

In addition you will have access to proposal insurance quoting software, compliance tools, administrative support, compliance services and technology solutions including payroll, HR and enrollment platforms.

Our Brokers Pledge
  • The customer is your client - we will never compete against our partners

  • We are an extension of your business

  • We remain unbiased and never favor an insurance carrier

  • All customer contact is well documented for your review

  • We will communicate all potential problems to you in a timely manner

  • Superior customer service is always our benchmark

  • We will always deal with your business and customers with the highest level of ethical behavior and professionalism to help you maintain and grow your business

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