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A boutique advisory firm

At Health Benefit Partners, our focus is empowering businesses to make the right decisions for their employees. We offer benefits consulting, enabling you to best meet the needs of your company’s workforce. For over 30 years, HBP has remained committed to reinvest in our customers businesses with the tools needed to support and provide for the needs of their employees. We’re honored that businesses just like yours have given us the opportunity to help strengthen meaningful interpersonal relationships.


Think of us as an extension of your business—one that makes your life a whole lot easier. At HBP we partner with your business to help you manage the cost and implementation of your employee benefits programs. Your company has the capability to strategically invest in employee benefits; our benefits consulting services simply offer you reliable guidance and insight that will allow you to choose the optimal benefits packages for your employees, their families, and your company.


Employee benefits are a vital part of your overall employee compensation package—and for that reason we’re here to serve those needs. We commit to offering your business a competitive array of employee benefits, while keeping plans both affordable and manageable.

As the health care environment continues to evolve, our clients appreciate a partnership with us that helps them stay informed of the ever changing employee benefit and compliance requirements, along with a uniquely tailored employee benefits package. We guide clients through each step of the process, including benefit plan design and development, annual bench-marking, employee communication, data analytics, open enrollment, compliance adherence, and ongoing support throughout the plan year, not just at renewal time.

We are dedicated and committed to our customers, which sets us apart in all facets of what we do. We say that we are a boutique advisory firm that is large enough to handle any size case, but small enough to care about your business.

Employee Benefit Review Process
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